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A Chuppah traditionally has 4 poles and is topped with fabric. This structure symbolizes the home you will build together and is open on all sides to represent that the home will be open and welcoming to friends and family.
Not only is a chuppah a wonderful symbol of the life you will build together, it’s also a beautiful accent to the wedding ceremony.
It’s quite common for couples of all faiths to rent Chuppahs, or wedding canopies, to dress up their ceremony space. Practically, a Chuppah can also give your outdoor wedding a bit of shade, which any bride under layers of fabric can tell you in a big plus.
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Chuppahs also look terrific with some accent flowers in the top front corners or with beautiful flower pots at the front feet of them.  It’s recommended to use arrangements you can move into the reception hall after the ceremony to get more use out of the flowers.
The hot trend in Chuppahs right now is the Rustic look. You can use crates and lanterns at the base of your Chuppah, as well as twigs and other natural elements to create this look. Adding twinkly lights on your chuppah for evening ceremonies is also a fantastic idea. If you are more into a traditional, more elegant look, you can add crystal beading and a chandelier to get a high end look for very little extra cost.
Another hot trend to get double use out of your Chuppah, is using it as a romantic space for your sweetheart table, or as a canopy over the guest signing table.
Whatever your style, a simple elegant Chuppah will become the perfect frame for your ultimate romantic moment.
The chuppah has hit the mainstream.
If you don’t know what a Chuppah is, it can best be described as a wedding canopy for a couple to get married under – and it’s a hot item for so many reasons. Everyone wants a stunning showpiece to get married under. This is where the most important part of your big day happens and where lots and lots of pictures will be taken. A beautiful chuppah makes even the simplest ceremony space special and can make a large room feel intimate and romantic.
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Since the Chuppah itself can be made out of any materials you choose, the sky’s the limit on creativity. The most popular Chuppahs are made out of natural materials like birch, maple, mahogany and cedar. These natural Chuppahs not only look great, but are also sturdy enough for outdoor and indoor ceremonies.
Couples that like a minimalist look can top it off with a simple piece of lace or satin, while others who are looking for a more traditional wedding look have opted for a chuppah fully dressed in organza or satin. You can incorporate sentimental pieces into your Chuppah, such as talits (prayer shawls) and family quilts, or create a canopy that can be passed on through the family as each member gets married.
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Chuppahs don’t have to be all white either. The most sought after Chuppah colour is currently sheer blush, but there are stunning examples of creams, golds and blues that really pop.
In the Hindu culture a Chuppah is often referred to as a Mandap. Mandaps are often bigger, brighter versions of a Chuppah using golds, reds and pinks.
Most halls and restaurants won’t have a Chuppah available for rent.  Some florists and companies that rent wedding decorations may have some for rent, or you can contact a specialist like You can either rent the chuppah with setup and takedown included in the price starting at 510 or opt to set it up yourself for around $330. Your can create a custom chuppah for under $1000 that can include lights, tons of fresh flowers and your colour scheme.
A great source for Chuppah ideas is Pinterest. Couples and designers from all over the world can inspire your Chuppah design.