Pricing Options

DIY Rental (Wood only)$330
Hand Held  $120
Full Service Wood ChuppahsStarting at $510
Full Service Acrylic ChuppahStarting at $1200
Parking$25 flat fee depending on the location
Outside of Greater Toronto, Greater Montreal or Greater OttawaAdditional fees may apply please inquire

How does it work?

A typical rental is for four hours. This time includes the travel time to the venue, set up, break down and travel back. For example if a ceremony is at 5:00, The set up will start at 3:00 and will be done by 4:00. Right after the ceremony we'll take the chuppah away,

What is included in the chuppah fee?

The fee includes all the posts and poles, draping and canopy. A full service setup will include setup and teardown. Parking may be included in the fee.

What is Not included in the chuppah fee?

Florist services.

Do you have different price for different Chuppahs?

All our Wood Chuppahs are the same price. Location and time needed may affect the final quote.
Acrylic starts at $1200 and can go up from there depending on location and flower rental.

For details please call either Itay (416)834-5631 or Susan (416)428-7336 or fill out a
contact form