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Thicker Birch Chuppah with stump legs, lace drapes and Heavy flowers.
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Michele & Kay's Surprise Wedding

The guests expected to attend an engagement party and found themselves at a romantic, rustic themed wedding in Toronto's entertainment district. Perfection!

COORDINATION: Melissa Baum Events
The Storys Building
Birch Chuppah with Lace Top 2
Birch Chuppah with romantic draping
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Wide Birch Poles Chuppah with twisted sheer.
Birch Chuppah with Lace Top Front
Naked Birch Chuppah with Lace Top.
Birch Lace top Lace Curtains Side
Birch Chuppah Lace top, Lace Curtains side view
Casa Loma Ornamented Cotton
Casa Loma Ornamented Cotton
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Thicker Birch Chuppah with simple lace top and stump legs.
Birch Chuppah Blue and White
Birch Chuppah Blue and White

Or and Steven saw a design online and came to us with this terrific blue and purple fabric to recreate the image they found. Using the birch chuppah as a base, we set up the romantic outdoor chuppah and they were thrilled.
Set up at Geraldo's in the Park in Burlington, this 8ft by 5.5ft.6.5ft Birch chuppah looked amazing. The corner flower added a great element to the overall look.
The natural setting and the bride's eye for style helped us create a truly unique chuppah for a truly unique couple!
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This Birch Chuppah is dressed in lace with an elaborate flower arrangement by one of our partner florists.
Mahogany Chuppah-Lace & Talit
Birch Chuppah with full organza draping and lace top
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Birch poles with Birch stumps legs with flower lace top and double sided greenery.
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